Monday, August 24, 2009

Pete Yorn

I heart Pete Yorn in Portland! Saturday night, August 21, Pete Yorn played The Roseland Theater on Burnside. I've been a big Pete Yorn fan since about 2001 or 2002? His album, musicforthemorningafter, is on my "records I couldn't live without" list. I love every song...almost equally. Although Kink FM (here in Portland) was the first station to play a single from that album back in 2001, he doesn't seem to have the fan following that he does back east. I'm from Nashville. And I can vouch that Nashville LOVES Pete Yorn. Nashville pretty much loves all singer songwriters...but that's a different story. This blog is about Portland! As a fan, Pete not having a huge following in Portland was a boon for me!! My husband and I stood right up front under the stage. There wasn't much elbowing or personal space infringement to get this great spot. The floor was maybe 1/3 full? Maybe 1/2? The balcony seemed to have a pretty solid crowd. Personally, I prefer our floor spot at the front. And I have to mention that I also absolutely loved Max the tambourine man! He's a huge asset to the show. He sells t-shirts at the back, but runs up on stage for various songs and rocks out on the tambourine like no one you've ever seen!! It was a great show!

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