Sunday, August 30, 2009

Perfect Overcast Day

How can an overcast day be perfect or loved? Imagine riding your bike, jogging, or hiking a long distance and barely breaking a sweat. That's a Perfect Portland Overcast Day. It's not hot, it's not cold. It's not raining. It's just gray. And as you ride, jog or hike you think "gee I sure am glad it's not 95 and sunny right now." And as soon as you finish your strenuous morning activity and take a break to have an afternoon snack on the bank of the Willamette, the sun comes out and warms you. The sky has suddenly turned from gray to blue. And you fall in love with Portland all over again.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Pete Yorn

I heart Pete Yorn in Portland! Saturday night, August 21, Pete Yorn played The Roseland Theater on Burnside. I've been a big Pete Yorn fan since about 2001 or 2002? His album, musicforthemorningafter, is on my "records I couldn't live without" list. I love every song...almost equally. Although Kink FM (here in Portland) was the first station to play a single from that album back in 2001, he doesn't seem to have the fan following that he does back east. I'm from Nashville. And I can vouch that Nashville LOVES Pete Yorn. Nashville pretty much loves all singer songwriters...but that's a different story. This blog is about Portland! As a fan, Pete not having a huge following in Portland was a boon for me!! My husband and I stood right up front under the stage. There wasn't much elbowing or personal space infringement to get this great spot. The floor was maybe 1/3 full? Maybe 1/2? The balcony seemed to have a pretty solid crowd. Personally, I prefer our floor spot at the front. And I have to mention that I also absolutely loved Max the tambourine man! He's a huge asset to the show. He sells t-shirts at the back, but runs up on stage for various songs and rocks out on the tambourine like no one you've ever seen!! It was a great show!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The City of Roses

I heart Portland because I can walk down the street on any given June or July day and the smell of roses will drift into my nose. In the photo above Quinn and I were standing on the corner of a very busy intersection waiting for the bus and this beautiful rose bush kept us company and tickled our senses. I heart Portland because I'm raising a child who really does take time to stop and smell the roses.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Portland Providence Bridge Pedal 2009

To write about summer in Portland is often going to involve writing about bicycles. The Portland Providence Bridge Pedal is a quintessential Portland event. It truly embodies the spirit of Portland. Thousands of folks ride together criss-crossing over the Wilamette River on their chosen course: 11 Bridge, 38-mile; 8 Bridge, 24-mile; or 6 Bridge, 14-mile. The highlights of the day are crossing the Marquam and Fremont Bridges normally reserved for interstate traffic. Most people take a break atop these bridges to relish the height, the accomplishment, the views, the freedom and the scene. Live music and refreshments make the moment sweeter. Portland mayor, Sam Adams, greets riders on the Fremont Bridge handing out pocket-sized Portland by Bike maps and has his photo taken with eager participants. Down at the finish line Sunshine Dairy hands out chocolate milk and popcicles. Ahhhhh victory! And all for a good cause, too. Partial proceeds go to the Providence Heart and Vascular Institute.